Last Updated: 20 Jul 2022

Powered by our custom Content Management System (CMS)

We build custom responsive websites according to your requirements. Our approach is to first build for mobile devices, then make the website display well on large screens, such as desktop computers. So rest assured, your website is optimised for all devices (Computers, Tablets, Smartphones and more). This is because an increasingly large number of people are now browsing the internet using mobile devices, particularly Smartphones. So one website for all screen sizes.

You value simplicity

You do not need to know WordPress or any CMS. All you need is just a very basic understanding of how to use a computer. No need to configure anything. Once we have agreed with you on what you want your website to do, you get a custom CMS configured for you. All you need is to just create content of different page types as agreed. This means you do not need to spend a lot on website maintenance because anyone can be assigned to maintain your website's content. 

Different Image sizes

With our custom CMS. you will love how easy it is to manage images across the website. Whether you are populating your website's Photo Gallery, adding images to your projects, or hotel rooms, maybe you are populating the Homepage Slideshow, it could be page image headers. Whatever the image is meant for, you only need a widescreen image. So you can upload 8k 10MB images and the CMS will take care of the rest. It will create the smaller images needed in that section of the website and delete the large image. So, you do not need to resize images or adjust dimensions. Actually, you do not even need to know the image dimensions an image upload form uses behind the scenes. This frees you to do more important things. 

When you upload an image, the system creates an image for large, medium and small screens. This means a mobile user does not have to download a full HD image that takes long to download only to scale it down. The mobile device will download a small image that still looks great on the small screen. The result is that web pages load faster. 

Drupal Websites

If as an organisation, you are a power user, you need more control, we are now building fully- responsive websites on the Drupal platform. We will soon put links to Drupal-powered websites on our Portfolio page.

Have a Website Project?

Please let us know. Email us and tell us briefly about your project and we will get back to you.

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