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We develop fully responsive and dynamic Websites. In Zambia today, many people browse the Internet on their Mobile Phones because we still have few desktop owners compared to mobile phones. With the proliferation of more advanced Smartphones, more and more people use their Smartphone or Tablet as their primary computing device. The problem is that the great majority of websites were created exclusively for large screens. It is a nightmare, browsing such a website on a mobile phone. You DON'T want to exclude the majority of your potential customers. A responsive Website is the way to go.

What is a responsive Website?

Good Question. It is a website that responds to it's environment to ensure optimal content display on all screen sizes. A responsive website will change page layout depending on the browser view-port. The view-port is the user's visible part of a web page. If you are on a PC, try reducing your browser window right now and see how this web page will make itself fit in your browser's view-port. So content will look good regardless of the device being used. We design first for mobile devoces and then make the pages work on PCs.

Benefits for You

We will help you communicate the benefits of your Business to customers and prospective customers. We develop your website according to your specific business needs. We do not fruitlessly (more or less) modify pre-made Website (back-end) and try to make it work for you. These pre-made Websites which almost everyone is using in our country only generic functionality. With our custom websites, you get functionality that you specify. You tell us what you want your website to do, We then write the exact Application that will execute your instructions. If a problem arises, we solve it because we know what went into making the website.

Easy To Manage

You will be able to update your Website as easily as you do create word documents in Microsoft Word. No need to learn complicated software or control panels. We create a Graphical User Interface for you to work from. You will be able to create pages, make announcements, populate photo galleries, send emails, offer file downloads, allow selective access to resources, and any custom functionality we agree upon. Whatever you create, you will be able to view, edit and delete. You will be 'firing on all cylinders'.


When you create your on pages like what happens with many Content Management Systems (CMS) like Joomla and WordPress, you usually end up with websites that have inconsistent web pages. Joomla and WordPress are amazingly powerful. The problem is almost always because many users especially in Zambia do not quite know how to edit Joomla or WordPress templates. They do not even take time to learn how Joomla works and they just go into editing the templates. The result is all too familiar, websites with broken pages. So how do we ensure you do not run into such problems with our Custom Dynamic Websites? The answer is clever design and development! We work hard on both the back-end and Front-end, and have created an environment that does not allow you to break things. We write the source code, so we know exactly how the system works.

You are not responsible for ensuring things work, or creating layouts. Your job is just to create content, as easily as you create word documents. You are the boss, we work for you. The pages you create will be styled with your global theme to ensure a consistent and professional look. This means the only colours and styling are what we have agreed with you during the design stages.

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