Database for Zambian Schools

Download MwiyaED SRM Database Fact File, with report samples, from the following link:Download Here



What is MwiyaED School Records Manager (MwiyaED SRM)

MwiyaED School Records Manager is a revolutionary database specifically written for Zambian School, Government and/or Private. It has been written from the ground up to specifically address, once and for all, the problems teachers face in managing Students/ Pupils records. Whether you are managing your Students Records manually or like using a Pliers to drive a nail into wood, you will find our database a perfect solution for managing School Records,just a hammer is perfect for driving nails into wood.

Why Choose MwiyaED SRM

To develop any Web Application, there are two (2) most important things the Developer must have:

  • Understand the Business Logic
  • A working knowledge of the Web Development languages to be used

The lead Database Developer has a Bachelor of Science with Education degree from the University of Zambia. He then taught O & A Level Chemistry and Biology at Hillcrest National Technical Secondary School for a generous 6+ years, after which he relocated to the UK where he switched to Web Development. So both the logic and web development skills are solid. We have solved a problem we grappled with. The other people involved are teachers and professionals in Education and Engineering.

Tested from Feb 2012 to Dec 2014

The staff of Hillcrest National Technical, Kalomo Secondary and Namwala Secondary Schools kindly helped test this Database. They reported bugs and we removed them from the Application. The result is the best School Database for pupils records in Zambia today. Unlike general databases some people download from the internet and try to adapt for Zambia and sell to you, this has been made for Zambia.


Because we created it, you are not just buying into a Program. You are buying into a support Group. We will help you with any problem you will face. You will get an excellent User Guide which walks you through all features. We also have Videos which show you how the Web Application works, click by click. If the database is installed on your own Computer, you will be assisted over the internet remotely if you have any issues. We can even upgrade your database without coming to sit at your computer!


  1. We recommend you have the database hosted online for you. This way:
    • it's so easy to help you if anything goes wrong. It's also very easy to update/ upgrade your database
    • your database will be safe from viruses or malicious acts. Your data will be more secure
    • you will have access to your results anywhere anytime as long as you have internet. All your teachers can work on the database at the same time, unlike where it is on a local Computer.
  2. However, you can choose to have in installed on you own Computer at your school. You will only need an Internet Connection for the initial installation and when you need remote assistance. The database does not need internet to work. We do not ned to travel to you to solve problems. Call Kalomo and Hillcrest Secondary Schools and ask them how they are being supported by someone across the oceans.

The 30 Days Challenge

You can request to test your very own database, customised to your own needs for FREE for 30 days at NO obligation to you. We even recommend that you test it at the end of the term so that you process your School's results using it. Let it help you easily create School Reports and send them to parents. This may even help you to get buy-in from stakeholders. You will also be sure that it actually works at no cost to you.

After testing, you can pay for it if you are totally satisfied or keep your money if it does not meet your needs. No hard feelings from us either way you go after the test. We only want you to buy from us if you are totaly satisfied. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority. That's why we ask you to take the challenge. Evaluate the database for yourself. We are sure you will love it. In the unlikely event you won't, we will be happy if you could kindly help us with the reasons our product falls short of your high standards. That way we will be able to make it even better.



The features listed and described below do not apply to all editions of MwiyaED SRM database. Only the highest edition has all the benefits.

Summary of benefits

  1. Full CRUD via a friendly Graphical User Interface. Full Data Life-cycle.
    • Create Students Records.
    • Read or View The Records.
    • Update or Edit The Records.
    • Delete The Records Records.
  2. Security:
    • Password protected records. Only logged in users have access to school records.
    • Different Privileges: Administrators have full access. Other users have limited access.
    • The system logs instances of data deletion and editing and only Head Teachers have access to the security logs. Any malicious users are easy to catch.
  3. Submitting Data:
    • You can submit data by filling Web Forms or by importing data from Microsoft Excel, speeding up your workflow.
    • A test for any subject can be submitted on its own. No need to wait until you have all tests or results for the whole class.
  4. School Report:
    • Create detailed, easy to understand School Reports from submitted data.
    • All mathematical Calculations and logical reasoning (e.g. best 6 subjects, average points, deviation from average) is done by the database. See Screenshots tab for examples.
    • School Reports automatically signed using a submitted signature of your Head Teacher.
    • School Reports are automatically date stamped (with current date) using a submitted image of your official date stamp.
    • Head teacher's comment automatically and accurately generated according to each student's performance.
  5. Standard Results Analysis:
    • Analysis on any submitted subject at class or grade level.
    • Intelligent: If for instance 3 students tie at number 1, the next student will be assigned position number 4 according to the rules of Standard ranking, instead of position 2.
    • Comprehensive analysis based on all subjects and best 6 subjects at class and grade levels.
  6. Detailed Results Analysis:
    • Detailed analysis (Grade & Class level) showing distribution of students from grade 1 to 9 (grade 1 to 4 Juniour) in each subject as well as pass percentage and quality pass percentage.
    • Associate a teacher to his/ her class on the detailed result analysis. Just submit a list of teachers against classes they teach in each term and the system will hold them accountable by placing them against their subjects on the results analysis report!
  7. Graphical Results Analysis (a picture is worthy a thousand words):
    • Create Pie and Bar charts in a few clicks from data in your database.
    • Create multiple horizontal or vertical charts where pass percent is compared with quality pass percent.
    • Easily compare pass percentages using either Pie Charts or Bar Charts


This pricing table is based on the contents of the 'Benefits' tab. Benefits 1 to 5 forms the Core Database App. Any Edition has the core benefits. Benefits 6 and 7 are what differentiates the editions. It is important to note that one benefit has child-items meaning one missing benefit actually translates into several missing benefits.


Includes all the core features, 1 to 5 on the benefits list.

K8990.00 K

  • Free Setup
  • Core Database App
  • Detailed Class Analysis
  • Detailed Grade Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis


All benefits in Starter Plus those ticked benefits below

K9790.00 K

  • Free Setup
  • Core Database App
  • Detailed Class Analysis
  • Detailed Grade Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis


Most complete - has all benefits 1 to 7 on the list.

K11290.00 K

  • Free Setup
  • Core Database App
  • Detailed Class Analysis
  • Detailed Grade Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis

Request for a Demo

You have seen a tip of what our Database can do. Please request for a DEMO of the Database. We will send you temporary log in details and easy, clear instructions on what to test so that you get the best out of your demo. Of course, while there you can explore all that is on offer. Fill in the form on our »Contact Page